Some of the things our customers are saying about us:

My wife and I took delivery of a new Subaru Legacy on January 24th. Chris Byron was our Subaru Specialist. Chris did an excellent job listening to our needs and working with us to obtain the exact car we were looking for. Throughout the process Chris communicated with us very well. He did not pressure us in any way. Chris knew the Subaru product line thoroughly and explained it to us. Once we had a clear understanding of the product, it sold itself. I would recommend Chris and the team at Waikem Subaru. I'm not just giving them 5 stars, they earned them.

I purchased Subaru Forester Premium with Eyesight and NAV. My Sales Representative was Rick Ballas. He was great. Let my wife and I both test drive the vehicle after he gave us a familiarization drive. Drove it on a variety of roads, including the Expressway for the full experience. Answered all our questions and gave us a lot of good information about Subaru's. No sales pressure at all. I had been a Honda owner for many years and models, but the Forester was just the size and equipment we were looking for. Especially impressed with the Eyesight package. We wanted Silver, so had to wait for one that was "on route' to Waikem. It arrived exactly on the day it was estimated. The paperwork was smooth and efficient, including the finance and licensing department. (Also a "Rick"!) Salesrep Rick gave me a good orientation to the new vehicle and manuals. It wasn't long until I was on my way in my new Forester! Thanks to all for a great experience.

My father-in-law passed two years ago and my mother-in-law decided it was time for a new car. Her 140K 4cyl. FWD '06 VUE was well cared for but the effects of age tend to show up at the most unopportune times. When her car went in for maintenance she borrowed either our loaded Altima or AWD Pacifica. She wanted a well equipped mid size AWD SUV preferrably a 6cyl. and made in the USA. I was the point man. For the first time I did an internet search and requested quotes from several dealerships. Their idea of a quote was to have one of their sales people contact me using the information I provided. I might as well of walked in cold. We did visit several dealers with said sales people in the Summit county area, still no quotes. Did not get a good feeling, did not attempt to negotiate. Negotiating is not my favorite thing, even though I am good at it. I have heard some good things about Waikem. We tried them, what a pleasent surprise. Sarah Sims sent a quote on a Forester with a an introduction to Waikem auto group, contact #'s etc. We took that information and visited Waikem Subaru. Ian Ross met us and proceeded to show us what he had in stock. He introduced us to Bob Russel the manager. We left with a good feeling. We stopped at the Hyundai outlet to pick up info on the Sante Fe. Robin Monticelli helped us. I told her we we were working with Ian Ross and she said he could sell any vehicle in the group. She showed integrity. Impressive. Ian was very patient with us. We tested the Forester. Sante Fe. Sante Fe Sport. Sorento. and the Nisson Murano. I asked Sarah for quotes on these vehicles at different times and she promptly and pleasantly did so. The quotes had a nice percentage off. It would have taken some good negotiating to get that. We ended up ordering a fully loaded Subaru Outback. Same % off. Bob Russel found a $96 error in the paper work in our favor. Integrity again. Ian kept us in the loop on delivery date. When the vehicle came Ian carefully went over the equippment in the car. He said he would be glad to help us any time with operational questions. Sarah Sims, Ian Ross, and Bob Russel made Waikem a good Experience. My mother-in-law will bring it back there for service when needed. Sincerely 
- Jack K.
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