Review: 2016 Subaru Legacy


The 2016 Subaru Legacy is highlighted by improved technology and better ride quality for the new year. One thing that doesn't change is the safety. With the standard All Wheel Drive, the Subaru Legacy is still a top choice for ice and snow. And with the advanced Subaru EyeSight Technology, you're safer than ever in a new Subaru Legacy from Waikem Subaru in Massillon, Ohio. 
The Legacy was redesigned last year, so style wise the Legacy carries over its design from last year. The Legacy gets a tech boost this year, as every Subaru now comes standard with Starlink infotainment system. You'll get a 6.2-inch touch screen that includes SiriusXM satellite radio, USB and Bluetooth. It also features optional upgrades like Automatic Collision Notification, Emergency and Roadside Assistance, Stolen Vehicle Recovery, Monthly Health Reports and Diagnostic alerts. 
You can also download a Subaru Starlink App that pairs to the vehicle. It allows you to remotely lock and unlock your vehicle, access the horn and lights and even find your car on a GPS map. 
Starlink also pairs the Legacy with some of the top smartphone apps like iHeartRadio, Stitcher, news feeds and even your daily calendar of events. 
The other changes aren't visible, but you'll notice them when you put it in drive. Subaru improved drive quality with re-tuned electric power steering assist. That gives you a smoother ride and easier handling. A new function also turns on the headlights when the wipers are activated, keeping you and everyone around you safer. 
The Subaru Legacy also gets improvements in the Eyesight system. Eyesight is the highest rated safety technology on the road today, according to the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety. Eyesight is an optional upgrade that offers the following safety features:
  • Adaptive Cruise Control
  • Lane Departure and Sway Warning
  • Pre-Collision Braking
  • Pre-Collision Throttle Management
Two cameras are mounted on the front of the vehicle as an extra set of eyes when you're traveling on the road. The adaptive cruise control ensures that you keep a safe distance from the car in front of you. It will automatically slow down, or speed up to help you maintain a safe distance of the traffic flow. 
Pre-Collision Braking engages if it fears you're going to get into a front-end collision. Alarms will chime and applying full brake force when you face potential danger. Pre-Collision Throttle Management reduces the power from the engine to help minimize the impact and force.
New this year is Lane Departure and Sway Warning. If you unintentionally stray out of your lane, the vehicle will use chimes and alerts to get you moving straight and safe again. 
Other great safety options include the standard backup camera and standard Bluetooth. 
But of course when you talk safety and Subaru, it starts with the standard All Wheel Drive available on the 2016 Subaru Legacy. In ice and snow, there is no better vehicle in bad weather. When you own a Subaru, the best day of the year is the first snowfall of the season. If you've never owned a Subaru, you'll be amazed at how much easier it is to commute in the snow when you drive this Subaru. 
This year's model is an IIHS Top Safety Pick Plus, the highest vehicle safety award given. 

The Subaru Legacy is available as a Partial Zero Emission Vehicle, meaning it exceeds even the strictest emissions standards; lower than even some hybrids and alternative fuel vehicles. The Subaru Legacy gets 36 MPG highway, standard on 2.5i, 2.5i Premium and 2.5i Limited models. 
The Subaru Legacy is built at Subaru's Indiana plant, the first U.S. auto plant to achieve a zero landfill rating. That means no waste is sent to a landfill to disposal. Subaru of Indiana is also the only U.S. auto plant to become a backyard wildlife habitat by the National Wildlife Federation. This 832-acre site is home to American Bald Eagles, Great Blue Heron, and Coyotes, deer, owls, rabbits, beavers, muskrats, hawks and more. 
At Waikem Subaru, we make it easy to park a new Legacy in your driveway with low payments, Waikem Discounts, $0 down offers and low interest rates. We follow Subaru's philosophy of love and caring through charitable events with Pathway Caring for Children, ASPCA, Perry Helping Perry, Stark Parks, Meals on Wheels, Make a Wish and more. 
So if you're ready to put a new Subaru in driveway, we invite you in to Waikem Subaru today. We have a great inventory at our brand-new showroom. Visit us in Massillon today!
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