Doug Waikem, Co-Owner of Waikem Subaru, was featured on Fox Business News Channel Friday, talking again about the innovative strategies of finding used cars in today's market. 

Waikem has become the expert on finding used cars in a nationwide used car shortage. Doug Waikem was in the Wall Street Journal last week, discussing what we are doing to find cars in this market. Following the Wall Street Journal and Yahoo articles, Doug was  guest on Fox Business Friday afternoon. 

Speaking on Market News, Doug said available used car inventories are down 20 percent across the country. He said programs like Cash for Clunkers, along with slow new car sales at the end of the 2000s decade, have dealers scrambling to find used cars. As Doug told Fox Business: "We're out there right now trying to buy anything and everything we can in the used car market."

But Fox News says Doug and Waikem Subaru is one of the most innovative dealers in finding quality used cars in Northeast Ohio. Waikem Subaru is paying top dollar for your trade. It's a great time to have a used vehicle, because Waikem will buy it today, and pay more than ever for used car. 

Waikem says with the great deals on a New Subaru, the consumer wins in this market. 

Read Doug Waikem's story in the Wall Street Journal and Yahoo Finance

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